Welcome to Gracepoint
Welcome to Gracepoint

How much will it cost?
Weekly club dues are $1 per child. If desired, dues may be paid in full at the beginning of the club year. Dues are collected to help pay for awards and other materials used throughout the club year.

Each club has a uniform and handbooks as noted below. A uniform will be worn from year to year as a child moves through a club. A new handbook should be started each club year.

Cubbies: Uniform Vest $12, Handbook $12
Sparks: Uniform Vest $12, Handbook $12
T&T Ultimate Adventure (3rd & 4th grade):

Uniform Jersey $18, Handbook $12
T&T Ultimate Challenge (5th & 6th grade):

Uniform Jersey $18, Handbook $12

What should I do while my child is in club?

We'd love for you to join our adult Bible Study on Sunday evenings from 5:30–6:30! That gives you plenty of time to get the kids checked in to Awana, be a part of their Opening Assembly from 5:00 until 5:15, then make your way to Bible Study at 5:30. You'll be finished in plenty of time to pick up your children at 7:00.

What time should my child arrive each week?
Check-in begins at 4:45 PM. Club begins with an Opening Assembly promptly at 5:00. Plan to walk in the front door between 4:45 and 4:55, and you should be fine! Check-in takes only a few minutes.

How can I keep my child on track to finish his handbook?

For Cubbies, just keep up with the lesson and verse assigned each week by Cubbie leaders. Your child should have no trouble completing that handbook!

For Sparks, and T&T, take a look at awana.org/athome and click on "Free Resources". You'll find links for Sparks Bookwalks, and Truth & Training Bookwalks. These handy guides will walk your child through his handbook week by week at a pace designed to complete one handbook per year.

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